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    Medicinal chemistry contract research services at SynSmart involve a specialized team of scientists working in close collaboration with industry leader scientists and computational chemistry experts for mg to kg scale chemistry requirements.

    SynSmart is proficient in developing methodologies, including the synthesis of single, multi-step, and small arrays as well as designing the focused libraries for use in hit-to-lead and lead optimization projects.

    A medicinal chemistry project involves the SynSmart team suggesting Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) ideas for consideration based on information regarding target of interest and earlier iterations to scaffolds of interest. Once the scientific approach is agreed with our partners, SynSmart takes the lead in synthesizing compounds for optimization, leading to candidate selection.

    The compound delivery is accompanied with characterization data including high-field NMR, and mass and purity by LC-MS/HPLC/GC. Also, the Supercritical Fluid Chromatography aids chiral separation and generates a higher throughput.

    Our key services are:

    Over the years, SynSmarts’ team of medicinal chemists have helped multiple programs from early discovery to clinical stage across oncology, metabolic disorders, and other therapeutic areas.


    Design and synthesis of analogues to support lead generation, optimization for candidate selection

    Focused library generation

    Design and custom synthesis of focused libraries

    Building Blocks

    Synthesis of building blocks, key intermediates and final targets


    Synthesis of reference standards/impurities and metabolites

    Specialized Chemistry Capabilities: