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    PRECLINICAL RESEARCH in collaboration with Vivo Biotech Ltd

    Synsmart now offers a wide range of DMPK services in collaboration with Vivo Biotech ltd to support lead optimization, preclinical development & safety assessment studies (Toxicology)

    Our PartnerĀ  Vivo Biotech Ltd is having proven track record.

    • One of the Largest (1,25,000 Sq. ft.) standalone preclinical research facilities.
    • Capable of adding 25,000 Sq. ft. space subsequently.
    • State of the art facilities with Modern and Sophisticated Instruments/Equipments.
    • Pioneer and largest specific pathogen free (SPF) certified lab animal supplier in India.
    • 450+ clientele; 250+ human resources employed.
    • Successfully submitted studies under GLP to 20+ countries.
    • Employees includes postgraduates, veterinarians, Phds , DABTs

    Industries we served

    Toxicology Services

    ADME-PK Services